Will not be offered in 2023!

Short description of the dual course


Practical phase:

  • learning to know tasks, structures and workflows
  • task work and assisting in operational activities
  • explaining and analysing work results verbally and in writing
  • communication with clients/suppliers/... at home and abroad
  • work process analysis and control
  • assisting in the planning and implementation of strategic processes
  • independent project work in various business departments
  • communication of decision-making skills

Theoretical phase:

  • communication of presentation and moderation skills
  • imparting expertise and key qualifications
  • lecture subjects: business administration, economics, bookkeeping, tax studies, marketing, mathematics, statistics, English, controlling, law, etc., as well as special in-depth studies depending on the discipline

For more information on course contents, please visit the website of the“Berufsakademie Saarland e.V. Neunkirchen”: